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Our two local papers, the Worthington News and This Week in Worthington, are the primary source of district news for the 70%+ of residents who do not have children in the district. This page will make it easier to look at the Worthington Schools related content of these papers. The Columbus Dispatch periodically covers our district as well, usually around levy time. In addition, the Worthington Public Library has the "This Week" archives available to cardholders.


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Worthington News

Letters to the Editor / Commentary

01/13/2010 Keegan, Schare elected board officers


Schools use first calamity day as snow falls

Board member: New vice president doesn't deserve job

Let's see levy campaigns based on just the facts
01/06/2010 Operating levy campaign
Health care provider biggest donor

Arts Center, school levies, chickens made the news in 2009


District steels for 2010's financial, enrollment challenges

Thomas students will earn wings in engineering contest

Letter: Teacher pay freeze wouldn't have disastrous consequences

Letter: District should look to private sector's reductions


12/30/2009   Fiscal woes can't overshadow student achievements in '09  
12/23/2009 Kilbourne students fill wish-lists for needy Worthington children


Retiring principals reflect on careers, schools with pride

Educators, library officials relieved state won't cut funds

Foundation's grants will supplement lessons at all levels

Letter: Experienced teachers better than retired administrators / Unions must adapt so they do not disappear /
12/16/2009 Granby, Wilson Hill elementaries
Interim principals hired for 2 schools

Board honors Issue 49 stumpers, OKs new PE program

High schoolers' generosity spreads across Central Ohio

Letter: Teacher pay suggestions would cause problems
12/09/2009 Worthington academy's students learn from worldwide interaction
  Letter: Now is the time to freeze school salaries

Letter: Teacher compensation system needs overhaul

Letter: Concessions should be similar to those in private sector

12/02/2009 Board discusses ideas on values, costs of schools New store offers Cardinal essentials to students  
11/25/2009 Levy did not end need to cut school budget

With levy passed, Worthington takes close look at finances

Worthington teachers stump for new angle on physical education

Letter: Those who decry teacher pay offer no real solutions
11/18/2009     (Guest Colimn): Getting involved in schools is a cinch

Letter: Ridiculous accusations against schools need to stop

11/11/2009   Liberty keeps spirit of giving alive in 'Frankie's locker'

Tale generates lessons in literacy, encourages creativity

With levy passed, Worthington must not return to business as usual

Letter: Levy will just pay for more salary increases for unions

Despite a lot of noise, status quo rules local election

11/04/2009 School levy wins by 60-40 margin

WCMH Video of Election Night

District's all smiles

Toy drive honors Kilbourne student's generous nature

Local charities will reap bounty of schools' Penny Harvest

10/21/2009   Letter addresses levy questions as Election Day looms

Worthington art teachers' unique creations on display

12 (count 'em) levy letters in the SNP

Avoid damaging cuts; approve Issue 49

10/14/2009 Quality, sustainability are themes of Issue 49 debate


Worthington Estates students starting to return after rough Friday

Physical education's move beyond sports helps brain, too

Technology upgrades cost pennies, could save thousands

District levy campaign in full swing; voters speak out


"This Week Letters"

Letter: Concessions are appreciated / Slide to mediocrity would begin with levy failure / Arguments against levy do not present a convincing case / School district may not be sharing residents' pain / District's quality education makes it worthy of levy vote / Children's education more important than vacations / Won't some levy proceeds fund employee contracts? / Levy failure would fail community / Consider reactions when making levy decision / 'Yes' vote will protect important district programs / Families need the money the schools are asking for / District provides education well worth 'yes' vote on levy / Schools' superior education help make area attractive / Cuts if levy fails would be devastating to schools / Voters should take note of absentee ballot confusion / Special education director did much for district / Assertion bears correcting /

10/07/2009 Volunteers stump for school levy

Problems persist in assisting disabled students, Worthington parents contend

Worthington leaders worry district's success could fall victim to cuts

Top state rating cause for celebration in Worthington

'Few' students caught in drug sweep


Not perfect, but it's a successful district/Step freeze would be hard to reverse /Issue 49 is a fair
deal for community /These quality teachers help make the district special

School district has no more fat to be trimmed / Kids' quality education shows Worthington schools are worth it / Freezing step increases would be bad policy / District gives great education and is worth levy investment / Quality of education is at risk if Issue 49 fails
09/30/2009 Bressman, Schare pick up on hot topics


National Merit semifinalists prepare for college, careers

Schare's statement on contract irks Bressman

District celebrates 'excellence'

School board, union must cut spending now

District must share pain now to share gain later/Programs at risk is levy fails are necessities, not frills/

09/23/2009 12 seniors honored as National Merit semifinalists

School employees can get paid twice


Award-winning science teachers give credit to students

Japanese educators impressed with school's PE prowess

Levy campaigners ready to pound area pavement


A call for a true pay freeze for teachers/Consider collateral damage if levy fails/Schare hits trifecta with his vote

Teachers have sacrificed, but not as much as others/Voting down levy won't send message about teacher pay/Schools cannot be run like a business as some suggest/Community has long been focused on good education

09/16/2009 2011-12 school year - Teachers' base salary to freeze


Worthington middle schoolers unfurl living flag to remember 9/11

School board gives nod to five-year financial forecast in Worthington

Agreement: No raises for Worthington teachers in 2011-12

Letter: Levy will keep our stellar Worthington schools strong
09/09/2009 Massive cuts loom if Nov. 3 levy fails

Board may hear from union 'as early as Monday'

Possible district budget reductions through FY12

Students could choose whether or not to watch Obama speech

Finalized list shows deep cuts for Worthington schools

Brookside's garden holds cornucopia of veggies, lessons


Explaining the dynamics of teacher compensation
09/02/2009 Four named distinguished alumni of Worthington Schools

DISPATCH: Worthington schools OK cuts if levy loses

DISPATCH: Worthington outlines possible cuts



NBC4: Worthington City Schools Ready To Make $15M In Cuts

Conrath pushing board to make cuts, levy or not

Teaching brings 'real joy' to Worthington award-winner

Four notable graduates named 'distinguished alumni'

Times are tough, but voters need to get priorities in order / We all must work together to support community / Best school districts don't clamor for concessions / Money spent on education is not money wasted / Attacks on teacher pay are greatly misplaced


08/26/2009 DISPATCH: District proposes doomsday reductions 'Levy fail' list has big cuts

Retirees share top job at Worthington Estates

Board celebrates 'Excellent with Distinction' rating

Bressman, Best, Schare unopposed in school board run

Union leader answers critics of teacher pay


08/19/2009 DISPATCH: Worthington schools to seek tax increase

6.9-mill incremental levy put on ballot

Teachers union pressured to return raises

Scott, Schare, Best take out petitions for school board race; 3 seats available

DISPATCH Audio  Podcast: Doing the math on teacher salaries

Incremental levy official; reductions still planned Board gets failing grade on its communications and others (THIS WEEK)

Letter: District will gain support if tough compensation choices are made / Our schools must avoid the 'race to the bottom' / Why must teachers again be treated as scapegoats / Concessions must be made before school levy can pass

08/12/2009 DISPATCH: Two suburban school districts will try novel approaches to winning approval of property-tax issues on the November ballot, and a third is still working out the details.

DISPATCH: Teacher salaries raising eyebrows

Worthington sets 2 school-levy plans

Crowd: Don't ask for levy until union negotiates

Voters likely to see incremental levy

Board chews over incremental levy

District's entire administrative staff turns down raises

Thomas, Kilbourne prepare to fling open doors for year

08/05/2009 Levy size must be decided next week

Board to tackle retire-rehire option

Meetings center on Worthington levy options Board has been overly generous with salaries
07/29/2009 July 27 public forum , Cut teachers' salaries, group says

DISPATCH: Worthington School salaries criticized at hearing

Residents pack house, speak out on planned cuts

Another 'Excellent' rating likely, say district leaders

Conrath, McCuen earn raves, but no bonuses, from board


Letter: We must continue work to address district's problems

Letter: Voting down levy will cost money down the line

Letter: District would be wise to explain dual principals

Letter: Thanks for ceremony support

Letter: Personal accounts would protect teachers, taxpayers

07/22/2009 Public invited to discuss cuts, levy

Schools, not city, will pay for crossing guard salaries


Next week holds chance to speak out on list of cuts
Letter: STRS exploring options, but won't abandon pension plan

Help enrich students' lives -- and your own

07/15/2009 DISPATCH: Worthington schools consider cuts
Board: Will voters go for smaller, two-year request?

Schools, city, library collaborate to form vision of future

Seigel's life celebrated July 25

Three principals to resign; board praises quick- thinking teacher

07/08/2009 City, schools, library join to plan for future 'Green' house keeps bringing in accolades  
07/01/2009 Schools, courses, jobs could be cut

Next school levy: Should it be bare bones, or beefed up?

List of potential cuts unfurled

Pair of Thomas grads look forward to Naval Academy

Board needs a policy against 'double-dipping'

School district should not rehire retired teachers
06/24/2009 School board set to retire, then rehire two more administrators Summer school holds wealth of learning opportunities

Thomas graduate's call to service leads to Virginia Tech

Work keeps schools buzzing despite lack of students

Board continues to work out details for November levy

06/17/2009   Thomas library among state's cream of the crop STRS needs changes in order to remain viable
06/10/2009   Most student fees will stay at current levels next year

Graduates have a ball at commencement ceremonies

'Summer-long discussion' awaits board members

SNP Letters: We can't punish educators for the greed of others/Education is investment, not just eternal expense/Better contract negotiations could help with budget issues

Gratitude due to volunteers

06/03/2009 Community to have say in school cuts

Brookside sows a garden in the schoolyard

District: Expect November levy

Walkabout readies senior for career in music, theater

Now's the time to come up with sustainable plan for schools
05/27/2009   (VIDEO): McCuen, Conrath and the Levy. We can't paint 'no' voters with too broad a brush

We need to understand costs before we question them

05/20/2009 Seniors receive academic scholarships District working to improve education of gifted students We must keep facts straight as we continue forward

District did not do enough to stress levy's importance

Senior citizens aren't to blame for levy's failure

Blaming seniors for levy failure is entirely unfair

05/13/2009 Board questions why levy was defeated Need for levy wasn't apparent, board hears

Staffer, students honored by board

Levy seekers can't afford to slough off opposition

Letter: Levy failure will be bad for our property values

Letter: Those who voted against levy are not good neighbors

Letter: District needs to adjust to new global economy

05/06/2009 School levy defeated by 60-40

Schare, Educate Worthington question how average teacher salary is derived

School levy falls hard  
04/29/2009 Voters to decide fate of 7.4-mill levy

Officials answer readers' questions about school finances

Keegan shoots back at levy critics during board meeting

Board members voice levy support as Election Day looms

Business courses inspire talk of required financial class

Phoenix students get taste of Greece before overseas trip


Letter: District, like residents, must live within its means

Letter: Seniors who benefited from schools should support them

Letter: Tough times do not reduce need to support students

Letter: Anti-levy postcard had some noticeable errors

Letter: Tax increase will be bad for students in long run

Letter: Rainforest program sends students mixed messages

(DISPATCH):Take another look at teachers' contract

(DISPATCH):Keep schools strong in Worthington

04/22/2009 Levy critics pan teachers' salaries and benefits

City council unanimously endorses school levy

Voters take floor, vocalize strong opinions on levy

Council backs school levy, continues arts center work

State says others can learn from Kilbourne Middle School

(Video): Education Worthington report.

Letter: Education is more crucial concern than tax rates

Letter: Last levy failure wasn't as crippling as district predicted

04/15/2009 Levy may return in 3 years; district collects $350,000 in pay-to-play fees

Board: look at sports, activity programs


Committee suggests end to freshman golf, coaching cuts

High schoolers lead the way with engineering expertise

Three-year levy cycle necessary right now, leaders say

This is not the time to pass another school levy
04/08/2009 Groups aim to keep voters informed
Groups take it upon themselves to educate voters on levy
School employees' pay always will be issue at levy time

Residents can learn more about district finances

Group wants to focus on long-term 'sustainability' / Board posture called 'unconscionable'

04/01/2009 Guest Column: Slate Hill Elementary works hard to become an IB school
Former WKHS teacher's lawsuit continues in court

McCord Robotics Club gears up for automaton action

Two items of interest for district residents

'Step increases' make it hard to empathize with district

District's finances need creativity, not another levy

03/25/2009 Board keeps promise of no new taxes
Funds from 2006 bond issue provide computers, buses and more repairs

Board OKs repairs big and small with '06 bond issue cash

Coins, cans add up in Wilson Hill students' charity efforts

Guest Column: District's staff excellent, but search for high-quality teachers rolls on

Seniors shouldn't suffer due to district's irresponsibility/School district must cut back on spending in these tough times
03/18/2009   Group's mission: Inform, encourage district's voters
Board is irresponsible to ask for more taxpayer money/This may not have been the best time to install plasma screens
Two men divvy up assistant superintendent job duties  
03/04/2009 Guest column: Wellness programs can have a significant impact


Thomas Worthington mock trial team will make its case at states

Enthusiasm for Pancake Day is anything but flat

Letter: School district can't be the only one making cutbacks/Letter: Times are tough, but school levy is still a necessity/Letter: Levy passage would be devastating for seniors/Letter: Gratitude due for support
02/25/2009 District needs time to prepare for 'testing out' option Solar panels could cut 15 percent from Worthington schools' energy bill

New instructional coaches bring fresh ideas to classroom

School board honors art students, considers Senate Bill

Letter: School district needs more sustainable financial plan
02/18/2009 Board makes promise to voters to set aside 'unexpected revenue'
Levy's on ballot; board makes 'promise to taxpayers' Letter: In tough times, schools need reductions, not levy money
02/11/2009 Board: Now is not time for 'Charlie's list'

BOE places operating levy on May ballot


Levy decision splits board differences in Worthington

SCHOOL NOTES: District staff taking steps to end bullies' destructive behavior

District won't change unless it knows it must / School quality shouldn't rest on 'maybe' money
02/04/2009 Unexpected funds could hurt levy push

Governor wants overhaul of education system



Leaders: Governor's plan has potential, but levy still on

Wilson Hill second-graders' hearts go out to U.S. troops

Governor calls for backpack full of changes to schools

Injustice on the board; new ideas are needed / Levy is outrageous
01/28/2009 Residents doubt time is right for school levy

School board to mull levy issues at special meetings

Levy unpleasant but necessary, district leaders say

Teaching strategies no fairy tale at Worthington Hills

01/21/2009 Winter Institute, not weather, closed Worthington schools last Friday
Schools luck out with off day's timing

Fundraiser lends hand to Perry student

'My own agenda' quote stirs Schare to explain

01/14/2009 Operating levy planned for May ballot

Bressman, Keegan - not Schare - are new school board officers

Who has middle-school sports? Worthington does, but the cost is high

Levy looms on '09 ballot Strick's Fix still shrouded; schools hope for the best
01/07/2009   Operating levy heads up list of Worthington schools' 2009 challenges  
12/31/2008   Student successes, focus on future marked 2008 in Worthington schools

Next year's levy will be main topic of gathering

Clothing piles up in Thomas students' charity drive

After-school classes begin Jan. 26