Schare elected president of school board
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Call it a sign of the times, or a return to fairness on the Worthington Board of Education.

Just make sure you call Marc Schare "Mr. President."

In a move than some board members said would never happen, Schare was elected president of the school board on Monday night.

The vote was 5-0, with even Charlie Wilson agreeing that Schare should lead the school board in 2011.

Wilson voted "no" last year when Schare was elected vice-president.

Two years ago, Schare was passed over for the vice president's position, with board members saying he had "his own agenda" and was not a "consensus builder."

The vice president usually steps into the president's role, and board members generally take turns serving in leadership positions. Schare is starting his sixth year on the board.

He is a fiscally conservative Republican who often prepares lengthy, researched opinions on issues facing the board. His opinions are often at odds with those of Wilson, who usually anchors the board at the other end of the political spectrum.

After Schare was unanimously elected, he moved from his seat at the right end of the board desk, to the president's seat in the middle.

"It has taken a lot to move me off the far right position on the board and into the center," he said.

During the visitor comment portion of the board meeting, former board member Abramo Ottolenghi who is known for his left-leaning opinions said he was pleased to see Schare become president of the board.

In his first act as president, Schare nominated Jennifer Best as vice president. She was also unanimously elected.

Schare thanked her for always being willing to answer his questions after he first joined the board in 2006.

"Jennifer Best has been and continues to be my mentor on this board," he said.