Worthington Schools

BOND LEVY - What are you going to do with the money.

Facilities Upgrades and Repairs - 18.75 Million Dollars.


The case for facilities upgrades was made by our director of facilities, Tim Gehring. Mr. Gehring, in conjunction with an architectural firm, Schorr Architects, looked at the preventative maintenance needs of our 20 buildings and came up with a list of items. The list is prioritized with the highest priority items, those relating to student health and safety, coming to the top.


Click here to read about the methodology employed by Schorr Architects.


The Board of Education has asked the administration to solicit community input with regard to facilities upgrades, and Mr. Gehring will lead a task force to further prioritize projects, as well as solicit bids to consolidate repairs for the best possible price. By law, any bid over $25,000 must be approved by the Board of Education, and the board has promised that any such bid will only be considered (emergencies excluded) after a 7 day comment period at a regular board meeting where the public can provide input.


I cannot personally vouch for each of the 280 items on the list, but Jennifer Best and I did take a tour of Worthington Kilbourne High School and Perry Middle School to see a few examples of needed repairs.


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Track at Perry Middle School. Several of our tracks are in need of repair, this one is one of the worst. Lockers at Perry Middle School. Many lockers simply are not functional. Roof at Worthington Kilbourne High School. Note the rust. Another Shot of the Roof at WKHS Tennis Courts at WKHS. The court is OK for pickup games, but for sanctioned OHSAA events, it is not adequate. WKHS must play their home matches off site. Another shot of the tennis court at WKHS Another shot of the track at Petty Middle.